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Getting Healthy with Flavofit

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While making beautiful and delicious desserts has been a passion of mine for several years now, like many of you, becoming and staying healthy have been a lifelong quest. I can’t say that I have always maintained a condition that is tip-top, or eaten (or drank) for the part, but it is and has been an important part of my life and struggle as a human being. Being married, having a child and now getting older have made it a priority for me. I see my life in twenty years and beyond, and hope I will still be up for the task to face new challenges, both mental and physical. Becoming a parent has also made me want to set an example for my child and educate her on what good nutrition and good food is.

flavofit logo large 300x150 Getting Healthy with Flavofit

That’s why I decided to start a site exclusively devoted to helping people eat better, get fitter and informed on the issues that affect our health and our environment. will be chock full of news, product reviews, tips and delicious easy recipes to help you navigate through a sea of conflicting voices on what you should and shouldn’t do to be and feel healthy.

We subscribe to real food. Our tenets are based on moderation, less processed, fresh fruits and vegetables, naturally-raised, sustainable and local whenever possible. Hopefully this will counterbalance all that sugar you might have been eating!


These are a Few of My Favorite things

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And no, they are not raindrops on roses.

winter cake 206x300 These are a Few of My Favorite thingsBy now, some of you may know of my love of Snow and Graham papers. After all, I did design a tiered winter cake (pictured) after one of their gift wrap designs. Now they have come back this holiday season as they do every year, with new exciting winter designs. They also sell holiday cards and stationery as well as assorted holiday wrap packages now. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. And don’t be surprised if you see another winter-themed cake by me inspired by their designs!

I have also made a recent discovery of designer paper that is right up my alley and that is a company called Caskata. They don’t just do paper, but also tableware. which is also definitely my thing.

Getting away from paper, Dwell Studio has always been one of my favorites since my daughter was born. I love their fabric patterns and room decor items. As some of you may know, they also have a stationery line at Tiny Prints. They’ve recently expanded their product line considerably, including real furniture, so revisiting their site is worth a moment. They also have an excellent line produced for Target for a lower cost.

Last but not least is a site I have really come to love… and that is Shop Sweet Lulu. They are not the only site that does what they do, but are very selective of what they sell. I’d say this is increasingly becoming my number one site to visit for party ware and party/event supplies.

Exploring exotic flavors: Adventures in Durian

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And now for something completely different… My family and I recently went to visit my brother’s family in Maryland. We happened to go to their local supermarket which, it turns out, sold quite a variety of interesting and hard-to-find produce. Sour oranges, Thai eggplant, Jack fruit and…. durian! If you are not familiar with the name of this fruit, you might actually have seen it and not known what the heck it was. I personally, had seen them a number of times being sold down in Chinatown by the food stand vendors. They are large and melon-like with many spikes (they look ouch) and are sold usually in plastic meshes for easy carrying. read more »

Duplicate a cake or make it your own?

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I frequently get asked if I can copy a cake someone has seen on online. Sometimes clients feel as though the cake they saw was the perfect cake. However, at Brooklyn Cake, our goal is always to create unique and original designs for our clients. When it comes to copying, I usually encourage clients to change the color scheme, flowers, decorations, number of tiers, etc… vary it. I recently had a client who wanted a replica. read more »

Brooklyn Cake sponsors Brooklyn Art Event

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Every second Thursday night of each month CupCakeGoth, a Brooklyn-based fine art business, hosts an art exhibition at Macri Park in Williamsburg. Starting last Thursday, Brooklyn Cake was proud to offer its delicious custom-designed cupcakes to art. We hope to cater every monthly event and will have exciting new designs and flavors.

This month’s subject was Women’s History month, featuring a pink and black color scheme.Womens Herstory cupcakes21 Brooklyn Cake sponsors Brooklyn Art Event Check out more photos at CupCakeGoth ¬†on Facebook.
Womens Herstory cupcakes1 Brooklyn Cake sponsors Brooklyn Art Event

Get your corporate cupcakes right here!

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Here’s a little one I did for Ad:60. They are perfect for special occasions or parties at the office, or just getting your company noticed. Imagine your logo here:

cupcake Get your corporate cupcakes right here!