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Getting Healthy with Flavofit

Posted in Food, Two Cents on November 3rd, 2014 by Ruth – Be the first to comment

While making beautiful and delicious desserts has been a passion of mine for several years now, like many of you, becoming and staying healthy have been a lifelong quest. I can’t say that I have always maintained a condition that is tip-top, or eaten (or drank) for the part, but it is and has been an important part of my life and struggle as a human being. Being married, having a child and now getting older have made it a priority for me. I see my life in twenty years and beyond, and hope I will still be up for the task to face new challenges, both mental and physical. Becoming a parent has also made me want to set an example for my child and educate her on what good nutrition and good food is.

flavofit logo large 300x150 Getting Healthy with Flavofit

That’s why I decided to start a site exclusively devoted to helping people eat better, get fitter and informed on the issues that affect our health and our environment. will be chock full of news, product reviews, tips and delicious easy recipes to help you navigate through a sea of conflicting voices on what you should and shouldn’t do to be and feel healthy.

We subscribe to real food. Our tenets are based on moderation, less processed, fresh fruits and vegetables, naturally-raised, sustainable and local whenever possible. Hopefully this will counterbalance all that sugar you might have been eating!