Girly Dessert Table

I was contacted by someone who wanted to put an amazing table together for their triplet daughters! When I have clients approach me about desserts or cakes for twins, it is usually a little bit of a dilemma on how to approach the project. In this case I had to worry about showcasing three little girls. The girls’ dads used  a color-coded system to differentiate the three and wanted to incorporate girly motifs from nature: Butterflies, dragonflies, hummingbirds and flowers, but to keep it on the modern clean side. The components resulted in a table with delectable dessert items like lemon bars, French macarons, mini cupcakes, brownies, meringue kisses, and blonde bars dressed up as popsicles, along with a delectable candy bar. Each birthday girl has her own individual monogram cake with complementary flavors of strawberry shortcake, hummingbird cake and grasshopper cake.

dessert table 2 Girly Dessert Tabledessert table 5 Girly Dessert Tabledessert table 3 Girly Dessert Tabledessert table 4 Girly Dessert Table

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