Hawaiian-Themed Dessert Table


photo 81 Hawaiian Themed Dessert Table

I had great fun working on this table. A big part of that being that I just love working on dessert tables and the other that I got to work with candies from the 80’s (also who doesn’t think Hawaii is fun?). While the main theme of the table was designated to be Hawaiian, with its hibiscus flowers and honu (Hawaiian sea turtle icon), the client requested some of the greatest hits from the 80’s; candies like Pop rocks, Nerds, Fun Dip, and wax soda bottles. It was a great walk down memory lane.

photo 7 Hawaiian Themed Dessert Table

This table took more of a restraint take on a Hawaiian theme, rather than going the whole nine yards with raffia table skirting and leis and umbrellas everywhere, etc. I had a more tone-down look, but having qualities of elegant and rustic. The desserts themselves took on Hawaiian flavors; such as pineapple flan, “Honu” Turtle brownies (made with Hawaiian sea salt), and toasted coconut marshmallows on bamboo picks. A great accent to the table was the Waialua Soda, the natural soda bottled in Hawaii.

photo 5 Hawaiian Themed Dessert Table

Double Bubble gumballs in coconut bowls.

photo 3 Hawaiian Themed Dessert Table

The birthday cake with original honu turtle and hibiscus design.

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