Western/Cowboy Dessert Table

Western 2 Western/Cowboy Dessert Table

Planning and designing this table was both fun and like all tables, challenging. It is truly a feat sometimes to come up with something original and clever at the same time. For this western-themed party, I decided to go gender neutral since there would be both boys and girls at this party. And instead of taking it modernly cowboy I went vintage/country. Deciding on the colors was a big first step. The classic American red, white and blue seems to always go well with cowboy themes, but of course brown is such a natural addition. I was originally thinking perhaps a red gingham tablecloth, but decided it would be too busy. I am glad I went with white. The dessert items ended up being classic country American choices, like S’more flavored whoopie pies (graham cracker-like cake, marshmallow filling and chocolate ganache), handmade marshmallows rolled in toasted coconut and cut to look like haystacks, old-fashioned fudge, southern-style biscuits with blueberries. I decided to include some popcorn which I dubbed “Critter Corn”, tossed with browned butter, lime juice, cardamom, salt and brown sugar for some kick. The cupcakes all had paper stick ponies in them. Each striped paper straw said “Moo!”

Western 1  Western/Cowboy Dessert Table

Western 4 Western/Cowboy Dessert Table

Western 5 Western/Cowboy Dessert Table

Western 3 Western/Cowboy Dessert TableGet an alternative view on our Dessert Tables page.

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