Betty Draper Cake

If you are a frequent viewer of Mad Men, then you might appreciate this cake. I was asked to make this birthday cake for a fan of the character Betty Draper of the Mad Men TV series. 

Admittedly, I was not very knowledgeable about this subject matter as I had never seen the show. I knew that it took place in the 60’s and its main characters were in advertising, but that was it. I did a wikipedia search on Mad Men, particularly on the Betty Draper storyline as well as look at dozens of images or her. This type of research is what the job requires sometimes. I needed to make this cake feminine and retro, as well has having some iconic items of Betty Draper and her times. I decided on a round hat box design, and used a pattern from a Betty Draper dress to decorate the box. I included a sugar pearl necklace as well as a tube of red lipstick, a martini olive and a crushed cigarette. I had a lot of fun ont his project. Here are the results.

Betty draper cake Betty Draper Cake


Betty Draper cake detail Betty Draper Cake

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