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Elmo Birthday Cake

Posted in Cakes on March 21st, 2011 by Brooklyn Cake – 2 Comments

Here’s a recent character cake I created for a dear friend’s son’s 1st birthday. It’s complete with red mango buttercream fur and rice krispies eyes and nose! Simple, but sweet. read more »

Exploring exotic flavors: Adventures in Durian

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And now for something completely different… My family and I recently went to visit my brother’s family in Maryland. We happened to go to their local supermarket which, it turns out, sold quite a variety of interesting and hard-to-find produce. Sour oranges, Thai eggplant, Jack fruit and…. durian! If you are not familiar with the name of this fruit, you might actually have seen it and not known what the heck it was. I personally, had seen them a number of times being sold down in Chinatown by the food stand vendors. They are large and melon-like with many spikes (they look ouch) and are sold usually in plastic meshes for easy carrying. read more »