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Sponge Bob Cake

Posted in Cakes, Tips on January 31st, 2011 by Brooklyn Cake – Be the first to comment

I wanted to quickly share this cute and simple Sponge Bob cake I got make for a kid’s birthday. We weren’t going to take this to full-fledge sculpted, so I trimmed down a sheet cake and added shaped fondant limbs. I iced his face and features on. I also used black icing to make lines and borders like the cartoon, giving it a more stylized look. read more »

Toy Story Birthday Cake and cupcakes

Posted in Cakes, Tips, Uncategorized on January 22nd, 2011 by Brooklyn Cake – Be the first to comment

Here’s a little ensemble put together. Toy Story is quite the popular theme these days ever since Toy Story 3 was released.  Adding cupcakes as extra decorations to a simple cake can dress up your cake presentation for any birthday, whether kids or adults.

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Golden Flower Cake Part 2!

Posted in Cakes on January 10th, 2011 by Brooklyn Cake – Be the first to comment

golden flower cake 22 Golden Flower Cake Part 2!

I recently got to revisit the Golden Flower cake when a client requested the same cake for a 70th birthday celebration. I tweaked the design around a bit to include a third flower on the bottom tier. The client chose a neapolitan flavor combo of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry layers of cake. This cake’s design mode would also work well as a wedding cake.