Don’t burn this Yule Log– Eat it!

While I don’t make a Buche de Noel every year, I have made it quite a number of times since I was 13. I like to try something different usually like a Paris Brest. For those of you not familiar with a Buche de Noel; it is french for Yule Log. This is a traditional Christmas chocolate jelly roll cake in France. It’s usually filled with a scrumptious chocolate hazelnut butter cream. Of course, we were all out of hazelnuts right when this guy was getting put together so it had to be toasted almonds (still totally delicious). It’s normally decorated with chocolate butter cream, chocolate bark and meringue mushrooms. Some people like to be creative and use slivered almonds for bark or marzipan mushrooms instead.

log cake brooklyn Dont burn this Yule Log   Eat it!

Being my usual ever-changing self, I had to make it completely different this time. I decided to incorporate my cake decorating skills in making a very stylized log. Maybe next year, I’ll make it realistic, but as for this year, I was think more birch. I had never seen a buche de noel done in white before or as a white tree log. I am a big fan of birches, so i was partial to the white log idea. Then I found a cute image of a white log pillow cushion online. I thought it would be adorable to make this log look cushion-like. I also liked the idea of cute red mushrooms alongside traditional meringue ones. What was born was a combination of both meringue and marzipan mushrooms.

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