Pregnant Lady Baby Shower Cakes

I wanted to share a couple of baby shower cakes I recently got to create, because it branched into an area I rarely tread–human figures. I, personally, find the thought of cakes shaped into people or having edible human figures on cakes a little off-putting. I know it’s a crazy psychologically thing, but it’s still disconcerting for me nonetheless.

Furthermore, what I have seen out there, really did not make me happy. If you’re going to put a person on there, do it right! I have no problem with cute stylized characters, but what I was seeing just left much to be desired. I was given photos of two different cakes with pregnant ladies on them.. I was a bit reluctant in my mind, but once I got started I was really in step with it to my surprise. Here are the results.

pregnant lady scaled2 Pregnant Lady Baby Shower Cakespregnant lady scaled Pregnant Lady Baby Shower Cakes

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