Improved (yet again) cake release recipe

Being the perfectionist that I am, I am was not completely satisfied with the last recipe. I found that if flipped over too soon, some crumbs would stick to the pan. Furthermore, it worked horribly with oil-based cake recipes, which just seemed to cling to the cake and ended in some near or complete disasters.

024 Improved (yet again) cake release recipeWell, I knew it was back to the drawing board. I have yet to test this cake release on oil-based cakes, but it is by far the most perfect recipe I have used when you using traditional butter-based cake batters.

Cake Release recipe 3.0

1-2 T butter, melted

3/4 Cup vegetable oil

5 T flour

5 T superfine cornmeal

In a container or bowl, mix oil and butter together. Gradually add flour and cornmeal in batches, stirring until well combined. Just brush a thin coat onto cake pan.

This recipe is so good, I only had a tiny but of crumb stick to the pan (the crumb was so small you had to be looking) when removing the cake and much less cornmeal stuck to the cake than previous recipes. It was that good. Remember it’s also important to find superfine cornmeal.

*Please note that your results may vary on a number of factors.

Update: I got to test this newest recipe with several different recipes and this mix works really well with very moist fruit-based cakes as well. Smooth sailing from here on.

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