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More Macaron Madness!

Posted in Recipes, Tips on October 15th, 2010 by Brooklyn Cake – 5 Comments

We always have to eventually come back to this subject again and again. For those of you who have never made macarons, it’s an obsession for those of us who are in the game. Even if you don’t particularly love to eat French macarons, there is an indescribable satisfaction to see these guys come out of the oven perfect and then sandwiched with some delectable filling… but mostly we do love to eat macarons. ┬áThere is also a determination we all have to regain our macaron mojo if we haven’t made them in a while. It’s a disease. The simple (and yet horribly troublesome) recipe allows for virtually an endless number of combination of flavors… so here we are again with macarons on the brain. Also, I get orders. read more »

Improved (yet again) cake release recipe

Posted in Recipes on October 11th, 2010 by Brooklyn Cake – Be the first to comment

Being the perfectionist that I am, I am was not completely satisfied with the last recipe. I found that if flipped over too soon, some crumbs would stick to the pan. Furthermore, it worked horribly with oil-based cake recipes, which just seemed to cling to the cake and ended in some near or complete disasters. read more »