Duplicate a cake or make it your own?

I frequently get asked if I can copy a cake someone has seen on online. Sometimes clients feel as though the cake they saw was the perfect cake. However, at Brooklyn Cake, our goal is always to create unique and original designs for our clients. When it comes to copying, I usually encourage clients to change the color scheme, flowers, decorations, number of tiers, etc… vary it. I recently had a client who wanted a replica. The only difference because the color of the calla lilies. Replicating was therefore my goal, but as I set to work, I couldn’t help but try and improve upon the original design, including creating more lifelike calla lilies.

Here’s a “before and after” of sorts.

il 430xN.87010287 225x300 Duplicate a cake or make it your own?Calla cake2 213x300 Duplicate a cake or make it your own?

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