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Flavor of the week: Watermelon Paletas

Posted in Food on July 27th, 2010 by Brooklyn Cake – Be the first to comment

watermelon paletas2 Flavor of the week: Watermelon PaletasBut not just watermelon paletas… watermelon lime and mint paletas. What could be more refreshing than biting into a super juicy and sweet watermelon on a hot summer day? Answer: Watermelon paletas on a super humid day of 95 degrees F. Well, this summer in NY has been really hard and my family and I found relief in watermelon popsicles.

Lime has always been my secret with watermelon, more than cucumber or other melons. It’s the secret ingredient in the watermelon balls I like to serve when I have guests over. People always ask me, “What is in that watermelon? It is SO good!” It’s so simple, just toss the watermelon with some lime zest and you’re set. For a little extra something, you can sprinkle in some tequila or white rum. It was my inspiration for this paleta recipe. There is enough to make 6 standard-sized home kit popsicles. Use the leftovers for a watermelon mojito (just add ice and white rum… it’s killer!).

Watermelon Paletas

3 1/2 Р 4 cups cubed seedless watermelon

1/2 tsp finely grated lime zest read more »

Flavor of the Week: Mojito Macarons

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mojito macaron Flavor of the Week: Mojito MacaronsI had a chance to do something different this past week and that was to put together my very first dessert table. Fortunately, it came out perfect, after all of my careful planning and daily goals. I did a very small plate of green macarons. The first being green tea, then pistachio. These are two standard flavors I offer. However, I did want to share one recipe and that was for mojito-flavored French macarons. I have to say that even I am surprised by the subtle deliciousness of the cookie. When devising this flavor, I first thought of the obvious… adding the lime zest to the shells and having a minty filling. However, after remembering a recipe I had seen where the extract/essence was added to the shell, I was intrigued at the idea. Furthermore, I cringed at the thought of a mouthful of minty filling. I added Creme de Menthe to the shell recipe, and not only ended up with an interesting subtly minty flavor, but a wonderful hue of green. I did cheat a little and add a pinch of blue to it. The results are macarons with a notable lime flavor at the start, followed by a tinge of rum, and finished off with a quick zing of mint. Perfection.

*Remember when making macarons, prepare the parchment ahead of time, with your circle templates. Also prepare a piping bag with a round tip.

Mojito Macarons


2 egg whites (aged 24 hours)

1/4 Cup granulated sugar

1 Cup powdered sugar

3/4 Cup almond flour

1 tsp. Creme de Menthe read more »

Flavor of week: Sour Cherries

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canned cherries Flavor of week: Sour CherriesJuly is an exciting time for produce, especially fruits! All my local favorites come back this month, some (sadly) for just a few short weeks. There’s a lot to write about in the way of flavors right about now. There’s peaches, gooseberries, currants, black raspberries (YES!) and sour cherries (WHOO-HOO!). I’ll write about black raspberries a couple of weeks down the line when they are at their prime, at which point, they also seem to quickly disappear. Cherries have always been a favorite of mine. As a child it was dark sweet cherries, then around twelve, I discovered the surprising yellow Rainers. As an adult, I started shifting towards sour, and greatly began to appreciate the balanced sweet and tart flavor of bright red Bings. My whole experience as a child with sour cherries was the stuff out of the can, which I found quite cloying and overly sweetened. ¬†Still, my mind wandered to the bright little cherries perched on tables at the farmers market. I knew I was missing out. Of course, now, I spend most of the summer thinking about when they will come into season.

I just canned some maraschino cherries, old-school style…. not that Red 40 stuff in the jars. I’ll tell you how they come out in 2 weeks! But now, I’ll share a wonderful and absolutely scrumptious sour cherry pie recipe. What makes it so great is that it keeps much of the tartness of the cherries, but is sweetened by the amazing crumb topping. Use whichever pastry crust you prefer. Don’t forget the vanilla ice cream! read more »