Improved Cake release recipe

I have been experimenting lately and have come up with an even better recipe for homemade cake release. The previous recipe, which contained shortening/butter, probably got 90 percent of the job  done, but I’d still get some spots at times. The secret to the new recipe is vegetable oil. It is much better for spreading as well as keeping the cake from sticking to the pan. This recipe is a lot simpler too! You’ll come out with perfect results every time.

Improved Cake Release Recipe

1-1/2 Tbsp. flour

2 Tbsp. fine corn flour

1/2 Cup vegetable oil (any scentless oil will do)

Mix ingredients together. Cover and refrigerate (will keep indefinitely).  The flour mixture will settle to the bottle. When using, no need to  stir completely together. You want to get only a little bit of the flour mixture on your brush, and get mostly oil on it. Brush a thin coat evenly onto your pan. Make sure every inch has at least some corn meal/flour. Try not to have clumpy areas either.

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