LOST: Cakes for a Fond Farewell

Dharma beer 1 LOST: Cakes for a Fond FarewellBeing a huge LOST fan, I knew I needed to make something sweet to mark the occasion… of saying goodbye to six years of great television, of some of the most memorable characters I have grown love and hate over the years (as you can see, I am still reeling from separation anxiety). I had just a few fellow LOST fans over and decided we all needed our own Dharma Initiative beers. Here’s what I ended up making. I didn’t spend too much time planning, but I think the end product was pretty satisfactory. The mini cakes were tropical flavors, with rum cake, passion fruit filling and coconut buttercream. Goodbye LOST. You will be sorely missed.

dharma beer 2 LOST: Cakes for a Fond Farewell

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