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The Red Velvet Trend

Posted in Tips on April 28th, 2010 by Brooklyn Cake – 1 Comment

red velvet cupcake2 The Red Velvet Trend

Red Velvet cake is a very popular item these days. I get asked about red velvet all the time, especially when it comes to tastings for wedding cake. read more »

Bringing tattoo art to a cake

Posted in Cakes on April 20th, 2010 by Brooklyn Cake – Be the first to comment

I was recently asked to do a christening cake for an infant. I was a little challenged with the task when I was asked to shape the cake like a cross, not because of any technical difficulty, but because it was well… to be honest, a little corny.  I try very hard to add style and an aesthetic sensibility to my cakes. I never just throw a bunch of ornaments or flowers together and hope for the best. Everything is well planned out for a theme and it’s design before the cake is made. read more »

How to Make Your Meyer Lemon Craze Last

Posted in Food, Tips on April 15th, 2010 by Brooklyn Cake – Be the first to comment

meyer lemon shot How to Make Your Meyer Lemon Craze Last So it’s time to face the end of another Meyer Lemon season with sadness… or is it? Every year I was disappointed when the Meyer Lemons disappeared. No more access to this super juicy unique citrus fruit, which blends flavors of the lemon and mandarin orange. The juice of this lemon is significantly less acidic than the classic lemon, rendering it nearly drinkable alone. read more »

Old School Optimus Prime Cake

Posted in Cakes on April 12th, 2010 by Brooklyn Cake – Be the first to comment

I wanted to share a sculpted cake I recently did for a four-year-old who is Transformers-crazed. This cake is complete with Rice Krispies treat “ears”. After studying a considerable number of Optimuses, I realized that he looks different in every picture, depiction and toy. It was best in the end to stick with an Optimus with simple details like the old school Optimus that I grew up with. read more »