Ultra-Modern wedding cakes

modern wedding cake 200x300 Ultra Modern wedding cakesI recently had the opportunity to work on a very different type of wedding cake for a couple. Both of them happen to be architects and wished to take an active role in the design process, which I welcomed. I’m always very interested when creative people want to take part in cake! Since they work with form and shape all the time, this is what they were primarily interested. Needless to say, they were looking for an unconventional cake. The architects wanted to take pure shapes and put them together to make, well… a cake, using very unusual proportions, of course.

In order to clearly see these shapes, they opted to remove all distractions of decorations or ribbons. Instead, they let me decide on creating a single special type of ornament or flower for this cake. However, again, nothing too traditional. I racked my brain for weeks trying to come up with something. In the end, I opted for an altered version of something very traditional to balance the modernity of this cake. I calculated that if I created something too unusual, it might further baffle the wedding guests. I chose an image I found online of a mango calla lily bouquet that had been arranged and photographed in a very unexpected way. My goal there was not to copy this image, but use it as an inspiration for creating a unique image. The photos here show the results. I wanted to design something iconic and eye-catching, but I also liked the idea of having it look like an oil painting. What I loved about the image was that this bouquet also had the appearance of being one large flower.

modern wedding cake 2 200x300 Ultra Modern wedding cakesWedding cakes don’t have to be traditional or conventional. When you choose a skilled cake designer, they can help you put together something entirely different and special. Instead of choosing a quirky theme, you could play around with the shapes, the color, or the texture. That being said, it’s one of my dreams to make a black wedding cake for someone! Of course, it could also be what’s underneath that’s unexpected. Who could tell that beneath these oddly-shaped clean white tiers are scrumptious moist chocolate cakes, as well as a lemon and blackberry tier?

modern wedding cake detail Ultra Modern wedding cakes

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