The Sugar Manolo Stiletto Pump

DSC023142 The Sugar Manolo Stiletto PumpI wanted to write a bit about this project because of its level of difficulty and its rarity. I knew that when a client said she wanted a replica of this shoe, I had to take it for the challenge. I had often pondered doing a stiletto pump. How would I do it? Strappy stiletto… no problem. It’s been done time and time again. I did some research and samples of the sugar stiletto pumps are either hard to come by, or (to be totally honest) just horrible. I didn’t even think most strappy stilettos looked up to par. My goal was to change that.

After doing some more reading and researching, I knew the world of sugar craft couldn’t really help me as this seems to be somewhat unchartered territory. Perhaps some of the cake gods and greats have fashioned such shoes, but they weren’t sharing this news (at least not on the internet). The only way I was going make this look good was if I approached this like a shoemaker. I found a website of a woman who makes her own personal shoes. It was very helpful actually.

DSC02320 The Sugar Manolo Stiletto PumpIn the end, it was really about eyeballing and freehand, especially since I didn’t have an actual Manolo to work from. The experience was really invaluable to me and I know what to expect and what to do and not to do.

DSC02324 118x300 The Sugar Manolo Stiletto PumpWhile I think the end result was pretty good, the annoying little perfectionist in me still grumbles about a few details and claims it can be closer to the real thing next time. Oh well until  next time then!

Note: If you’re wondering how much a sugar stiletto and shoe box cake costs, starting price is $500.

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  • Caroline’s Cake Company

    You’ve done a fantastic job – it looks amazing! I think we all look at our own creations with a critical eye – all we can see are the imperfections – but without the errors what will inspire us to improve? (or something equally deep that may even make sense!) Anyway, love your work…..