Choosing Cake Flavors for Wedding

Many people who approach me about wedding cakes are often very unsure of what flavors they are interested in. Many clients want to say chocolate, but for some reason hesitate a bit stating that it’s not very “traditional” or even feel that it is taboo. The surprising thing is that all of these flavors are completely fine and chocolate cake happens to be one of the most popular selections in my business including weddings.

designer cupcakes1 Choosing Cake Flavors for Wedding

Other popular choices are vanilla/white cake (a very safe unexciting choice) and red velvet, which is very much in vogue these days.  Certainly, if a number of your guests have alerted you to their severe food or nut allergies,  you should take this into consideration when selecting your cake. Aside from that, if you have chosen a reputable or high- end cake designer, you are very likely to get some tasty creations regardless if you have strayed from tradition. Also think about the fact that they can offer you special culinary components and combinations you might not otherwise be privy to. If unsure, select something unique for a tasting and see if that works for you.

I like to encourage clients to go with something seasonal, therefore not only utilizing the freshest ingredients, but also getting your guests and yourself in the mood of the season with every bite. You can also use your wedding colors to help you make a selection. Perhaps, your colors are pink and brown. You might want to select  a chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream or vice versa.

Another possibility is that if your wedding is ethnic-themed you can also choose flavors relevant to the cuisine. For example, perhaps for a middle eastern styled wedding, you can choose toasted almond or pistachio cake and rosewater frosting or a honey-flavored buttercream.  An autumn asian wedding cake can have a combo of lychee fruits, asian pears, and persimmons as a filling. The possibilities are endless.

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