One Super Fondant Recipe

I wanted to offer this fondant recipe I came up with when I was just dabbling on a very non-serious level with cake decorating and I was making my own fondant at home.
Now I use so much of it on projects, it’s really not worth my time to make. However, for those who are avid cake hobbyists, I offer an alternative to the ones that have been published time after time. I came up with this recipe because I was never satisfied with the final texture of the other recipes.

super One Super Fondant Recipe

I got the inspiration for this recipe from those sites publishing articles on marshmallow fondant. After trying to make marshmallow fondant, and being very much dissatisfied yet again, I took elements with that recipe and mixed it with component from other recipes. ┬áThe end-product is something higher in quality in taste and consistency with a very white color. It’s not sticky like a lot of the other recipes and has a great texture to work with. The ingredients are similar to the standard recipe using gelatin and glycerin, but I think the method makes this a superior fondant.

2 envelopes of UNFLAVORED gelatin

2 cups granulated sugar

2 egg whites, room temperature

1-1/4 cup water, separated into 3/4 cup and 1/2 cup

1 Tbsp. vanilla extract

2 Tbsp. glycerin

4 lbs. confectioners sugar, have more available if needed

Put your flat paddle attachment onto your stand mixer. Soften gelatin in a your mixer bowl with 1/2 cup of cold water. The best way to do this is place the water in the bowl first, and gradually sprinkle the gelatin over it, making sure every particle is wet. Place remaining water and sugar in a pan and heat until dissolved, brushing down the sides with water. Boil until the soft ball stage (syrup should be thickened, bubbling slower, and when you coat the back of a spoon, it should cool to a soft candy consistency). Turn your mixer on to a medium speed. Very carefully pour the syrup into the side of your mixer bowl and into the gelatin mixture. Once all the syrup is in (do not scrape the sides of the pan), turn your mixer on high. Mix until cooled. Your mixture should look white and meringue-like. Carefully making sure that your mixture is no longer hot, add egg whites one at a time and mix until well incorporated. Lower your mixer to medium. You can now add the vanilla extract. Despite it’s dark color, your fondant will whiten considerably with the confectioners’ sugar. Add the glycerin and mix until well-incorporated. Lower mixer speed to low. And add sifted confectioners’ sugar gradually. When mixture becomes thick and hard to stir, scrape out onto a well powdered (powdered with confectioners’) workspace. Knead mixture, continually adding confectioners’ until the desired consistency is achieved. You can use immediately or wrap well in plastic and store in an airtight ziplock bag.

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