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A New Line of Cakes!

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Hi, everyone! In the coming months, I will be releasing a line of cakes that you can order from. Up until now, I just had a portfolio displaying my skill. While I do have people now and then base their choices on my other creations, I have not officially had a line of products that customers could just choose from. Starting with the spring flower cake, I will be putting up new cakes by season. You will be able to choose your cake by the number of servings and tiers. The colors will also be costumizable as with any tweaks in design. Recommended flavors will be listed for your convenience. I will also mention that these cakes will also be more budget-conscious as this is on most people’s minds these days.

Getting Inspired for your cake

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The first thing most people do when they are looking for a cake but don’t know what they want, is look at other cakes. While this is an easy way to see something you like, it doesn’t always end with something very original. If you want something different and unique, don’t draw your inspiration from other cakes. Instead draw them from things! I often will find plenty of ┬áideas from interesting textiles and fabric or an article of clothing. Art, architecture, jewelry, tiles, art periods (e.g. baroque, art nouveau, bauhaus, etc.), stationery and pieces of furniture can also be wonderful starting points for design. Items in nature, of course, are always a huge draw and can help you plan that cake for your outdoor or seasonal wedding. Get inspired not just by the designs or colors, but also textures. read more »