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Greener Sweets: ‘Less Impact Cake’ Part 1

Posted in Uncategorized on September 4th, 2009 by Brooklyn Cake – 1 Comment

That is… on the environment. In light of the “No Impact Man” documentary coming out this month, I have been taking the time to reflect on my own personal impact on the environment. I have always tried to take an eco-friendly approach to my lifestyle, though I must admit, it is not always easy or possible. I’m an avid recycler, support organic or earth-friendly products, use my reusable shopping bags, take public transportation or walk, etc. But mostly, convenience wins. As far as the cake business goes, I always felt that I didn’t have much choice in the way I did things. After all, certain things are “industry standard” or not available in organic form, etc. There were always excuses to be made. However, as I consider more and more, while not practical to put up solar panels on a rental unit, there are other possibilities of decreasing my (and your) impact on the earth as far as this cake thing is concerned. read more »