Macarons coming soon!

I’m starting to develop my line of french macaron cookies that I will start to offer as wedding/party favors. First, I’m trying to develop a solid recipe so that my production can be more streamlined when I do get orders. I’m finding that the recipe using Italian meringue is a bit too sweet for ay taste, but maybe that’s good. However, the upside is, it is a much more forgiving recipe than the classic. Macarons are notoriously one of the most troublesome recipes. It seems that the stars need to be aligned exactly so for these delectables to come out perfect. Although, the mistakes are just as delicious! We, Americans, do have the trouble of finding pure powdered sugar (sans cornstarch). King Arthur Flour is one of the few brands out there that does – Check out there other products! They are an amazing company and a true source for the baker.

Will publish photos when I have put this whole thing together!

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