Homemade Cake Release Recipe

I admit, unlike most bakers out there, I really don’t like working with parchment as far as my baking pans go. With jelly rolls and anything on my baking sheets, I do prefer parchment. However, for regular cakes, normally I don’t want to be bothered with cutting, shaping, etc. The dilemma is how to get all the crumbs off without damaging the shape. For this, parchment works fairly well. It’s handsdown the better method compared to the usual, buttering the pan and dusting with flour. I once tried that Cake Release stuff. It worked well. As a matter of fact, better than well. It got more cake off the pan than parchment. You don’t want to keep on buying it though as it can get costly. I studied the texture. Here is a mixture that I came up with that works just as well as Cake Release. The best part is that I don’t have to worry about parchment.

The components are : Vegetable shortening, oil, flour and extra-fine cornmeal. There you have it. The ingenious plan of the Cake Release people.

I don’t have exact measurements to be honest, because I just use my eye. You want some oil to loosen up and soften the shortening. Add the flour to thicken up the mixture considerably. Then comes the cornmeal, which is the magic ingredient. You do need to find extra-fine cornmeal which can be tricky. If you have a latin grocery by you, this should be a cinch, since there are so many grades and grinds in the latin pantry. The cornmeal should feel a lot finer than granules of sand and look powdery like flour. Once combined, test the mixture on a cold metal surface or a small area on a baking pan. The mixture should be dryish and not very wet. When you touch the area, it should be grainy. You don’t need to slather this mixture on. I would discourage slathering as you don’t want your cake covered in cornmeal. It may take a little bit of testing before it’s ready. But once you have it down, preparing the pan is a no-brainer. You can cover it in airtight container and keep it refrigerated for a few months. When you’re ready to bake again, just get it to room temp and you’re ready to go!

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    Thanks Ruth! This was such a great tip, I’ll definitely try this one out!

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    solid recipe! :-). I like reading this blog. Where did you download this gorgeous homepage design from? Compliments from mexico.