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Homemade Cake Release Recipe

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I admit, unlike most bakers out there, I really don’t like working with parchment as far as my baking pans go. With jelly rolls and anything on my baking sheets, I do prefer parchment. However, for regular cakes, normally I don’t want to be bothered with cutting, shaping, etc. The dilemma is how to get all the crumbs off without damaging the shape. For this, parchment works fairly well. It’s handsdown the better method compared to the usual, buttering the pan and dusting with flour. I once tried that Cake Release stuff. It worked well. As a matter of fact, better than well. It got more cake off the pan than parchment. You don’t want to keep on buying it though as it can get costly. I studied the texture. Here is a mixture that I came up with that works just as well as Cake Release. The best part is that I don’t have to worry about parchment. read more »

Making perfect macarons

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After testing a few methods, I have a few pieces of good advice on making macarons. There are many good recipes out there, but that is not going to be my main concern here. These are just a few things you can do to ensure you come out with good batches.

Brooklyn macarons Making perfect macarons

Blackberry Macarons

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Macarons coming soon!

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I’m starting to develop my line of french macaron cookies that I will start to offer as wedding/party favors. First, I’m trying to develop a solid recipe so that my production can be more streamlined when I do get orders. I’m finding that the recipe using Italian meringue is a bit too sweet for ay taste, but maybe that’s good. However, the upside is, it is a much more forgiving recipe than the classic. Macarons are notoriously one of the most troublesome recipes. It seems that the stars need to be aligned exactly so for these delectables to come out perfect. Although, the mistakes are just as delicious! We, Americans, do have the trouble of finding pure powdered sugar (sans cornstarch). King Arthur Flour is one of the few brands out there that does – Check out there other products! They are an amazing company and a true source for the baker.

Will publish photos when I have put this whole thing together!

Brooklyn Cupcakes at Digital DUMBO

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Brooklyn Cake co-sponsored the Digital DUMBO event (July 2009) with delicious little cupcakes. There were 4 yummy varieties: decadent chocolate, apple, vanilla, and lemon. They were topped with French deluxe chocolate buttercream, Tahitian vanilla bean buttercream, almond praline buttercream and blackberry buttercream!

DSC09921 Brooklyn Cupcakes at Digital DUMBO

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